Team Canada Wallet & Bottle Opener

Team Canada Wallet with Embedded Bottle Opener

Working so much on beer accounts, I designed a lot of bottle openers. Many of which you will not see in my portfolio, because honestly, I don’t want my portfolio to be full of bottle openers!

I include this one because… Well I still use mine, and I am proud of this idea.

It seemed simple to me. A beer connoisseur should always have a bottle opener on them. What’s something else that folks always have on them… hopefully, their wallet!

I got to work figuring out how to embed a quality bottle opener into a wallet. It took a little time and patience. Originally this was pitched as a canvass wallet. After working with my contacts in China, I learned that a leather (actually faux leather) solution made more sense.

Molson / Coors bought into the concept and we produced these wallets for both Molson Canadian Hockey and Team Canada for several years.